Stop Termites From Destroying Your Timber Home

A termite colony attacking your timber home can be your worst nightmare. Since it is basically made of wood, your home is an easy and favorite target for the destructive bugs. While this does not mean that this type of housing is more susceptible to termite damage compared to other homes, the material used is definitely these insects’ priority.

How can you prevent and treat your home from termites? What many people fail to do is a pre-construction termite treatment of the wooden material used to build their home. By using wood that is processed in chemicals which prevent termite habitation and delayed fungus growth, such as borate treatment, the bugs will not choose your home to nest their eggs or use it as food. The risks these treated woods pose for humans are also low.

Building your home or cabin with wood that has been coated with chemicals or materials to reduce moisture retention is also crucial to warding off damp wood termites. Mix this with borate treatment and you have a combination that can provide protection from both damp and dry wood termites. Always remember to choose lumbar that is of high quality. As much as this might be a strain on budget, it can make the difference between a long lasting home and one that is quickly eaten away by termites.

When building your wooden home, communicate constantly with your contractor. Check that there are no wooden scraps and tree stumps in and near your home foundation. These can pose a risk when they decompose and termites will be attracted to nesting there. Prevention is better than cure. And is most importantly in a situation to ward off these creepy crawlies.

Wooden parts of your home or cabin are also targets for termites. Use termite shields (small metallic pieces) that will shut off termites from these wooden portions. The most common parts are usually the sill plates.

The above are some of the basic things any prospective timber home owners should look out for when building their homes with a plan to prevent termite damage. There are many other areas to take note of, but these are the first and foremost more important points. Take care of them, and you will be on your way to preventing termites from chewing away your dream home.

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