Total Termite Elimination

If termites are now giving you no end of problems and a massive headache, then you must be like me and own either a home or multiple houses with lots of wooden components used. Or maybe you might have a home surrounded by lush greenery and trees, which would provide the ideal habitat for a termite nest.

Whether you are encountering drywood or dampwood termites, the chances are you probably have a battle on your hands with subterranean termites. Now this class of little bugs are the most common and can be found in almost all states in the United States except one. And that is almost because the cold prevents them from building their colonies and nesting their termite eggs.

Our Termite Experts Show How To Eliminate Termites

Now how do you know what a termite looks like? Are you able to differentiate it from ants? It would be funny and a total waste of money and time if you thought you were attacked by termites but in actual fact what was invading your home was an ant nest. This happens quite often as many people do not know proper termite identification so do not be embarrassed or too worried. Just find out what the differences between an ant and a termite are and you will be on your way.

So now that you know for sure that termites are eating away the house, what can and should you do to destroy them? Repairing termite damage can be quite a chore and expensive one at that, but there are many ways in which you can stop that from happening and at the same time do a good job of self pest control. In fact, you might be able to get away with not hiring a company to do that, although spending some money can make it more convenient and you do not need to get your hands dirty.

What methods are effective in termite pest control and preventing damage to your home from such insects? One way of course you know is to hire pest control companies to do that. But like I said, you need to spend, and sometimes they try to push maintenance contracts to you. This might mean they have not given you the complete termite treatment, and there might be the nest or eggs left somewhere which opens you to further termite mounds, drywood termites, log cabin, signs of termites, subterranean termites, termite, termite control, termite damage, termite eggs, termite identification, termite life cycle, termite looks like, termite nest, Termite Pest Control, Termites, what do termites look like attacks. So can you trust such termite control companies? You never know for sure.

Other options include doing it yourself. But unless you enjoy looking for cracks and crevices, or digging up tree stumps and dirty earth to look for termite nests, it might be quite a challenge. Do you enjoy getting in contact with chemical sprays which will kill termites? If you did not bother to build your home with treated wood to combat subterranean termites, for example, then you have to cure a problem instead of preventing it. You need termite inspection specialists to do a regular check – that’s if you want an insurance policy for your home!

Look for sure signs of termites, such as wooden doors breaking down or cracks where you can see white insects looking like ants burrowing in and out. Again if you are not sure, try to get pictures of a termite to make sure you identify them correctly. Once confirmed, it would be the right time to treat and attack these pests.